Upgraded Features in the Avalon

The new Toyota Avalon features many upgraded specs as standard features on the interior, but some are more fun to discuss than others. Driving is all about safety first, but it’s about comfort second. What comfort means to you might have less to do with the seating than it does the entertainment package.

This car is the first Toyota to include the brand-new Apple CarPlay feature, and it’s everything to those who use iPhones and other Apple products. It also features an advanced touchscreen navigational display that responds to the lightest touch. 

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Toyota Tacoma Loaded with Important Safety Features

The all-new Toyota Tacoma in a midsize pickup truck that is gaining in popularity these days thanks to countless safety features throughout.

The Toyota Tacoma has one safety feature that will help improve driving at night. The Automatic High Beams activate at a certain speed and increase your field of vision. If another vehicle is detected coming towards you, then the lights toggle to low beans temporarily until the cars pass so the high beams can be activated again.

The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control in the Toyota Tacoma makes it safer to drive at higher speeds too.

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The Toyota Camry Hybrid is Ripe with Class

The Camry remains a popular hybrid sedan for the vehicle's sleek but powerful styling that exudes a bit of luxury. Soft curves combined with sharp edges to create the perfect harmony throughout the Camry's body. The unique LED headlights ensure that the path ahead stays fully illuminated while adding a distinctive touch of class.

The 18-inch alloy silver wheels are machined to create an impressive three-dimensional double-spoked appearance that is both fierce and dynamic. Keep your Camry hybrid in pristine condition thanks to the perimeter scan camera and the cross-traffic alert...

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Toyota C-HR and Safer Stops

You can count on firm and sporty handling from the Toyota C-HR, which has an exterior that emphasizes its aggressive muscularity. The Dynamic Force Engine relies on the Valvematic technology to optimize both fuel economy and control. The Continuously Variable Transmission with intelligence seamlessly switches gears as the driving situation demands. But you can engage its Shift Mode when you want to manually shift among seven virtual gears.

Stopping become safer in the Toyota C-HR with the Antilock Brakes, which are designed to prevent the wheels from locking up whenever you step...

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Take a Look at the Technology of the Toyota Corolla

Have you seen the new Toyota Corolla? This compact is sporty on the outside and completely advanced in terms of technology and comfort inside. You get a lot of value and space within the Corolla as well. While 2014 Corollas started the trend towards touch-screen technology and safety controls like rearview cameras, the 2018 Corollas are completely advanced and include more standard features than before.

The Entune infotainment system has a lot of controls as well. You can control everything with your voice using Siri Eyes Free as well.

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Read About the Exterior Features That Come Equipped with the 2018 Toyota 4Runner

The 2018 Toyota 4Runner has much to offer those in the market for a capable and stylish midsize SUV. If you are in the market for a midsize SUV, we would like to suggest the 2018 Toyota 4Runner. To learn more about the exterior features that are offered with the new 4Runner, read our summary below.

The new model comes with projector-beam headlights. These headlights are superior to traditional headlights because they are more powerful with a stronger focus. The headlights also use Daytime Running Lights to offer better visibility of approaching automobiles in adverse weather conditions.

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Toyota Avalon Comes with Several Unique Safety Features

One of the reasons that the new Toyota Avalon is becoming one of the top full-size sedans on the market can be attributed to the vehicle's safety features. Check out a few of those safety features here.

To make night driving safer, the Avalon has a unique Automatic High Beams system. This system will switch the headlights to high beam if no vehicles are detected on the road. Once the road is clear of traffic, the system improves your visibility by automatically switching the high beams on.

To help make driving on the highways safer, the Avalon is equipped…

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Keep the Air in Your Car Fresh

All vehicles are equipped with an engine air filter. This filter is designed to keep dust particles from entering your engine. Many vehicles are also equipped with a cabin air filter to keep dust and pollen from affecting the driver and passengers. Each of these filters needs to be changed on a regular basis.

When you bring your vehicle in for its regularly scheduled maintenance, the air filter will be inspected. If it appears to be dirty, the engine air filter will be changed. If you notice that the filter is dirty sooner, or if you noticed a reduced acceleration…

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Toyota 86 Offers Impressive Race Car Performance Features

You don't need to purchase a luxury vehicle to drive in style. The Toyota 86 offers many sporty design and performance features that make it feel and look like a luxury vehicle for an affordable price.

The Toyota 86's boxer-four engine offers optimal performance and balance, and its six-speed transmission allows the car to accelerate with ease. It even offers a conservative fuel economy. The car also includes rear differential, allowing for improved low-end acceleration and the ability to maneuver around sharp turns with ease.

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Top Reasons Why Your Vehicle's Engine is Overheating

Keep a close eye for when the car engine overheats because if it is not addressed quickly, it could lead to an engine failure. Here are the top reasons the engine in your vehicle might overheat.

  • The radiator hoses connect in four places, twice to the engine and twice to the radiator. 
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